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Tiny Love Gymini Dynamic

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    Product description

    Style:Days Dynamic Gymini

    Tiny Love Baby Playmat Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini is a uniquely versatile baby Gymini activity mat with adjustable moving arches that adapt to baby's age and stage, encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills from day one.

  • Electronic recording bird toy with lights and music feedback stimulates baby and encourages the development of language, communication and cognition, allowing parents to record sweet messages for a younger baby, and for toddlers to record themselves
  • Open arches mode creates the ultimate space, allows easy access and encourage bonding time; The wide mat offers baby plenty of room to roll around comfortably and, later on, sit up and play
  • Fantastic games and activities, house mirror that doubles as picture frame, raccoon blanky, cloud mobile, tummy time pillow, wind chime, rattle doll and more